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Don, purchased his first computer, a Commodore 64 in the early 1980's. A few years later Don purchased his second computer from Radio Shack a Tandy 1000 running MS-DOS as the Operating System and consequently began his fascination with computers. In 1989 a friend introduced him to the Macintosh computer system. The Mac wasn't like any other computer of its time, it didn't run MS-DOS as its Operating System, you didn't type in commands to perform an action or launch an application, you just pointed and clicked at icons on the desktop with a mouse to perform actions and launch applications. The graphics on the Mac were outstanding and the mouse made using the Mac fun. It wasn't but a week before Don purchased his first Apple Computer, a Macintosh IIx and a couple months later an Apple LaserWriter IINTx laser printer.Don taught himself the Basic Programming Language. He then went on to learn several other programming languages COBOL, C, C++, Pascal and Objective C. Don soon developed two shareware products Dumpster and FileLift, with clients such as the National Geographic, The Washington School System and hundred's of other individuals. Don now specializes in helping his clients become more comfortable working with their computers and alleviating the stress and complications of purchasing and using new Apple products and technologies. His diverse skills with Apple computers allows him to assist clients new to Apple products or someone who has been using Mac's for years and just need some assistance, troubleshooting and, or advice. Don is here to help his clients in any way he can and nothing is too simple nor to difficult. If you are need of any assistance with your Apple product, Don is just a phone call away (508)322-1366.

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Don's Skills Include the following:
Purchasing new Hardware and Software:
Assistance in selecting a new Apple computer, iPad, iPod, AppleTV, software and accessories by shopping with the client locally or online.
Setting up a new Mac Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iPod, iPhone, or iPad for fast, reliable computing at home and easy, light-weight mobile computing.
Assistance in selecting and setting up a complete Data backup system designed specifically for your needs. Including selecting a complete backup solution with the correct hardware and software for your particular needs.
Installing a wired and or wireless local network using the latest technology to prevent unauthorized use of your computer.
Installation and instruction on maintaining and installing a Mirrored or Striped Raid.
Install video camera's as a security precaution or to keep an eye on your babysitter, children or pets. Accessible via any internet enabled smartphone or computer.
Upgrading and Installing Software and Hardware:
Installing and upgrading your Apple computers internal memory (Ram), upgrading your hard drive for more storage or replacing faulty hard drives.
Perform an update or a clean install of the Mac OS X Operating System to the most current version available for your computer system, using my years of experience that guarantee's you won't lose any data during the upgrade process. Install new software packages or upgrade your current software to the most current version available.
Troubleshooting any problems you are experiencing with your Apple computer.
Resolving networking problems connecting to a wired or wireless network and fixing your Internet connection.
Configure iTunes to sync with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch over your LAN or via a USB cable.
Teaching the client how to use the Mac OS X System Software and Apple Computers.
Training and instruction on using an iPod, iPhone, iPad or an AppleTV. Including how to purchase music, movies, apps and books via iTunes and your device.
Training clients to import photos from digital cameras into iPhoto or Aperture for printing individual photos, books, DVDs and calendars.
Training clients in importing digital video into iMovie, Final Cut Pro and exporting into iDVD.
Training clients in setting up Financial Software and accessing internet based financial services.
Training the user how to setup ebay.com auctions, Amazon Selling and using Paypal's payment system.
Web Design
Assist clients in purchasing a domain name, web hosting, designing and maintaining a web site for personal or professional purpose.